Virginia Bovell - 24 November 2011

Virginia BovellVirginia Bovell, Vice President of Ambitious about Autism, joined us for a live online Q & A on 24 November 2011. She answered questions about the Finished at School campaign, why she believes post-16 provision for young people with autism is so important and her own experiences as a mother of a child with autism.

About Virginia

Virginia was one of the founding parents of both TreeHouse School and the TreeHouse charity (now known as Ambitious about Autism). She has an 18-year old son with autism and severe learning difficulties who attends the 6th form of TreeHouse School.

Virginia has been active in awareness-raising and lobbying, hoping to make autism a higher priority among policy-makers and opinion-formers. She has participated in a range of UK Government working parties and was one of the Expert Advisers on the Lamb Inquiry into parental confidence in the Special Educational Needs system. She has been a trustee for the NAS and remains a NAS Regional Councillor for Greater London. She is a member of the UK Autism Rights Movement.

Over the past month Virginia has been a spokesperson for our Finished at School campaign, talking to The Guardian (Where's the support for autistic young people?), Woman’s Hour (listen again on the BBC website) and BBC News about what life after school holds for young people with autism.

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