Sophie Walker - 24 October 2012

Sophie WalkerSophie Walker, author of Grace Under Pressure, took part in a live online Q & A on 24 October 2012. She answered questions about life as a mum to a girl with Asperger's syndrome and her book, Grace Under Pressure. You can read the transcript below.

About Sophie

Sophie Walker has worked as a journalist for Reuters news agency for fifteen years, reporting news around the globe. In April this year, Sophie Walker completed the London Marathon and raised £4,000 for the National Autistic Society to raise awareness of Asperger's syndrome. Running the Marathon for this cause was hugely significant for Sophie as her daughter Grace was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome as a young child.

In her book Grace Under Pressure, Sophie shares the daily highs and lows of raising a child with Asperger's syndrome and the challenge of becoming a long-distance runner. Described by Sophie as a love letter to her daughter, this moving and hugely inspirational memoir shows that strength can be found - and in unexpected places.

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