Jean Gross - 13 September 2011

Jean GrossJean Gross, the Government’s Communication Champion, joined us on Tuesday 13th September 2011 for a live online Q&A event on 'Communication in the classroom'.

Talk about Autism hosted this Q & A with Jean as part of 'Hello', the National Year of Communication. September’s theme, 'Back to School', is a reminder of the difficult environments that classrooms can sometimes be for children with autism. In this Q & A, Jean answered questions about how children with autism can be best supported to communicate in the classroom, and what is changing in government policy in this area.

About Jean

Jean is the national champion for improved support for children with speech, language and communication needs – including those with autism. She has been a valuable advocate for children with autism, pushing in particular for earlier identification of needs and support for families. She visited TreeHouse School last year when she was first appointed as the Communications Champion.

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