How do online Q & As work?

A live online Q & A is much like an online chatroom but questions are published for the guest(s) one at a time rather than as and when they come in.

How do I join the Q & A?

Our live Q & As take place on the website, and all you have to do to take part is visit the event page at the right date and time. The events are listed in Upcoming Q & As but we also post them on our Facebook page. Before the event, you can visit the event page and sign up for an email reminder. We suggest that you sign up for a reminder so that you don't forget about the Q & A.

How do I ask questions?

During the live Q & A you will be able to ask the guest(s) your questions, but you can just observe the event if you want to. To ask a question you will need to type your name and question into the text box which appears when the event starts. You can ask a question anonymously if you prefer. Once you enter your question and send it, you won't be able to see it again until it is chosen by the guest. This keeps our live Q & A events tidy and less confusing to all of those who are watching.

Although we do our best to get as many of your questions answered as possible, sometimes we are unable to publish them all, especially during our most popular events. Please don't be disappointed if this happens.

What does an online Q & A look like?

You can see what an online Q & A looks like by reading the transcript of our event with Wendy Lawson below:

What if I can't attend the live Q & A but I want to ask a question?

If you can't attend the live Q & A as but still want to ask a question, please email it to Mike, the Community Manager, at

Can I view a transcript of the live Q & A event after it finishes?

All of our previous Q & A events are stored on this website, and you can view them at any time. To view the Q & A after it has taken place, just go to the event page and click to replay the event.

Need some help?

If you have any questions, please email Mike, the Community Manager, on