Dr. Alexa Posny - 15 May 2012

Dr Alexa PosnyWe were delighted to host a live online Q & A with Dr Alexa Posny on 15 May 2012. Dr Posny is the Assistant Secretary for Special Education in the United States Department of Education. She answered your questions about her work and issues related to special educational needs. You can read the transcript for it below.

About Dr Posny

Appointed by President Obama in 2009, and confirmed in post by the US Senate, Alexa oversees the Office of Special Education Programs, the Rehabilitation Services Administration, and the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. She previously served as the Commissioner of Education for the state of Kansas, overseeing a state education budget of over $4.5 billion. Prior to this, she was Director of the Office of Special Education Programs for the United States Department of Education, a position in which she assisted state and local efforts to provide effective education for all children and young people with disabilities.

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