Draft Children and Families Bill: What Needs to Change? - 20 December 2012

The Government plans to change the way children and young people with special educational needs such as autism access services and support. The Education Select Committee is a group of MPs who scrutinise education policy and make recommendations to the Government. Over the past few months the committee has been looking at the proposed legislation and has taken evidence from hundreds of families, schools, colleges, local authorities and charities.

The Committee will make a number of recommendations to the Government about what needs to be changed as a result of what it has heard during the course of its enquiry. Its report was published on 19 December 2012. Graham Stuart MP, Chair of the Committee, joined us for an online Q & A on the Children and Families Bill on 20 December 2012. He answered questions about what the Committee found and its recommendations. You can read the transcript below.

About Graham Stuart MP

Graham Stuart MPGraham Stuart MP, chair of the Education Select Committee, will be answering your questions. Graham was first elected as the MP for Beverley and Holderness in 2005. Graham has a wide range of interests from football to economics, climate change to motorcycling, rural affairs to punk rock!

Since Graham became Chair the Committee has conducted a range of inquiries, including: Behaviour and Discipline in Schools, Services for Young People, Examinations for 15-19 Year Olds, Child Protection and Teacher Quality.

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