Charlotte Moore - 30 September 2010

Charlotte MooreWe were delighted to welcome the acclaimed author, Charlotte Moore, who came to Talk about Autism on Thursday 30 September 2010 for a Live online Q&A. We are really pleased that she was able to come and talk and answer questions about her life with her sons who have autism, George and Sam.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Moore was born in 1959. After reading English at Oxford and History of Art at Birkbeck College, she became a teacher for twelve years. She is now a full-time writer and has published several novels, as well as a children's biography of Florence Nightingale. For two years she wrote a highly acclaimed column called Mind the Gap in the Guardian. She lives in Sussex with her three children, George, Sam and Jake. Her novels include George and Sam, Grandmother's Footsteps and her latest book Hancox: a House and a Family.

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